What is Rader?

Rader is the German word meaning ‘wheel’, but to us, the Rader Team, it is now the name of our exclusive Alloy Wheel Remanufacturing Business based in Trafford Park, Manchester, and within the confines of a well established OE approved Prestige Accident Repair Centre.

Who is Rader?

The Rader concept and Alloy Wheel Remanufacturing System is the brainchild of four self-made individuals who happened upon each other by chance or fate, each being an expert in a different, but totally complementary field of operation and expertise in relation to the business nature and model.

What does OE & OEM mean?

OE is the abbreviation of Original Equipment, as manufactured by approved suppliers direct to vehicle producers.  An OE finish requires specific processes and coatings, as well as fixed processes and working instructions.  OEM’s, or Original Equipment Manufacturers, are the producers of OE products

Why International?

We, the four Director’s of Rader International Ltd, know that our concept and business model can be re-created anywhere, and this was a long term vision from day 1.  We are proud to show off our facility to potential partners and investors, from any region or Country in the World.

The Rader Mission?

This was simple!  Having been constantly striving for a solution to the in-house problem of achieving an OE quality finish, allied to a worthwhile and market leading turnaround time, the Directors set out to replicate the secrets of both OE process and coatings, in order to remanufacture alloy wheels at a fraction of the cost of new replacements.

Rader's Target Audience?

Rader international was strategically placed, and designed from the outset, to complement and support the daily requirements of Body Shops and New/Used Motor Dealerships of all vehicle makes within a 50 mile radius. Although, where possible, Rader will cater for private individuals and in-house customers from the Accident Repair Centre requiring our services

Body shops and Main Dealers each have a captive audience with large volumes of new and existing customers, requiring a high quality finish and within a rapid turnaround time.  Rader provides a tool to confidently up-sell a proprietary wheel remanufacturing service.

By adding in a Rader System, or what we like to call, ‘Be-Rader’, our affiliated Design & Installation Team can provide accurate costing’s, after a site visit and survey, and according to the individual required daily volumes, with a view to creating a brand new in-house remanufacturing facility within an existing business.

In short, if your business or group of businesses is spending tens of thousands out-sourcing wheel refurbishment, or wasting precious in-house resource and time coating wheels, often inefficiently and with non – OE coating systems, then, ‘Be-Rader’, may be for you, and will by comparison improve lead-time, quality and also cost!