How We Work

Our Services & Process In Detail

General Sales To Private Vehicle Lovers, Standard Service
After booking in, we will collect and re-deliver within a 50 mile radius of Rader HQ, (M17 1LP).  Of course, you are welcome, and encouraged, to deliver your wheels personally and to engage with our on-site team of experts.

Contracts, Dealerships, Body Shops, Off-Lease, De-Fleet & Insurance Companies
Within Rader, we welcome long term contracts & partnerships with the potential for high volume remanufacturing.  Our Manchester facility has been designed to process up to a maximum of 50 wheels per hour & we are more than happy to either organise bulk collection or receive bulk deliveries.

Our Wheel Remanufacturing Process

Once in our care, your wheels will be remanufactured according to the following process & procedures: - 

  • Upon arrival, and if fitted, tyres, weights & valves are carefully removed.
  • Tyres & wheels are individually quality assessed for damage, (we will contact you if we feel there is an issue, prior to any commencement of works, and before spending any of your money). After all, we cannot put back what isn’t there, but we will communicate and work with you to agree the best solution if necessary!
  • Old coatings and any white rust or oxidisation is chemically removed.
  • Hot chemical cleaning, drying, alloy dressing & meticulous surface preparation is conducted, prior to a final visual quality inspection.
  • Once approved, process de-gassing & pre-heating is conducted, in order to ensure a clean surface prior to coating.
  • Powder coating primer is then applied, (grey or black, as the original wheel), uniquely formulated to ensure excellent physical & visual properties.
  • After primer application, all wheels are conveyed through a bespoke high temperature curing oven, at a fixed time and temperature.
  • Depending on the final wheel colour and visual gloss requirements, (gloss or satin matt), at this stage, all wheels are manually quality checked prior to further application of an oe approved range of environmentally friendly water-based colours.
  • After wet colour application, original equipment quality powder coating alloy wheel acrylic is applied.
  • Once again, the fully coated wheel is cured within a specially designed, and totally separate curing oven, ensuring that excellent flow and glass-like clarity are achieved, mirroring where possible the original finish quality.
  • A satin or matt lacquered option, if required, can then be applied as a fourth coat, once again, resulting in a typically smooth original finish.

After remanufacture is completed, and quality control visual inspection sign-off is in place, all wheels are rebuilt with valves & tyres, prior to being laser balanced, for proud return to our clients.