Rader for Bodyshops

Speaking from a very confident position, and after 30 years in the vehicle repair and refinishing industry, we have concluded that modern Body Shops find in-house, ‘refurbishing’, alloy wheels is a time-consuming and inconvenient daily issue.

Manually preparing wheels, (we call it the, ‘YouTube’, method), usually involves breaking the tyre bead, rubbing down the kerb damage and applying multiple layers of random solvent based wet primers, colour and lacquer.  Sound familiar?

In reality, Bodyshop staff having to carry out this process will be the first to admit that it is an arduous but necessary task as to the uninitiated it has generally been an acceptable method of, ‘covering up’, damage.  Manually preparing and wet painting wheels is extremely time consuming, and the finished article displays a poor cosmetic appearance.  The actual method time required has a detrimental affect on spray booth availability, adding to negative workshop loading.  Modern alloy wheels are coated by using a 3, 4, or even 5-stage process, cannot to reproduced in a standard low temperature curing Bodyshop environment.

Most, ‘Smart Repair’, systems available today have improved over the years, but, are still the domain of the mobile, 'man in the van’, purveyor!  However, this point of sale method of, ‘patch and blend’, repairing the wheel surface does not lend itself to a long-term solution.  In addition, CNC Machine diamond turned styling and acceptable weathering/corrosion resistance cannot easily be achieved due to inherent weaknesses in the coating technology.

As a Bodyshop, why choose Rader International?

Easy!  Rader international is the very first dedicated UK Alloy Wheel Remanufacturing Company to adopt OE Quality Working Processes, Practices and coatings in combination, whilst having strategical focus on Bodyshop support.  To all at Team Rader, the word, ‘refurbishment’, is a dirty one, and defines inferior and random working practices, using non-approved coatings, and in environments that are more akin to a, ‘sweatshop’, than a ‘Body Shop’.