Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder Coated Alloy Wheels Manchester

Powder Coating alloy wheels is a process that can be used to change the colour of your alloys if you fancy a change, or used to match to your existing manufacturer paint finish.

Our expert wheel technicians and state of the art alloy wheel refurbishment system allow us to replicate the original manufacturer process for powder coating alloys to ensure an authentic finish and exact colour match on your alloy wheel repair. 

Powder coating your wheels allows us to achieve much more specialist finishes, from glitters and pearls to dark chromes and candy colours.

Manufacturer Standard

Oven Cured Process

Wheels are chemically stripped, cleaned and a thorough surface preparation is conducted before the wheels are primed, oven cured and then powder coating with a top coat OE quality paint & lacquer 

Our specially designed conveyorised alloy wheel refurbishment system automates the timings and temperatures when powder coating alloys so the powder coat is perfectly cured every time to provide a hard and durable finish to your wheels. 

Oven Cured Process
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